the pros and cons of working in serviced offices

In this article, we’ll look at the disadvantages of serviced offices that you should be aware of before choosing one. We’ll look at the serviced workspace cons in depth, from limited customisation possibilities to hidden expenses. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about what serviced office is, its negative aspects, and the best alternative for your workspace choice.

What is Serviced Office — Short Definition
A serviced office is a fully furnished and equipped office space leased out to businesses on a short-term basis, providing them with flexible rental options, access to shared facilities, and administrative support services.

What is the Difference Between a Serviced Office and a Traditional Office?
When it comes to deciding between a serviced office and a typical office, there are some crucial distinctions to consider. A serviced office provides a flexible, fully furnished workspace to businesses on a short-term basis, making it a great alternative to those who seek adaptability and convenience. These offices also provide a variety of facilities and administrative support services to simplify business management.

Traditional offices offer greater control and customisation possibilities, allowing organisations to design a workspace that is suited to their specific needs and brand. The choice between a serviced office and a typical office relies on what is most important to your company. Let’s find out the disadvantages of serviced offices and look into a great substitution.

6 Disadvantages Of Serviced Offices
Now that you know what serviced office is and what differentiates it from the rest, you might be wondering what are the disadvantages of serviced office space. Here are six serviced workspace cons you need to keep in mind before becoming the owner of one:

Limited Customisation
One of the primary disadvantages of serviced workspace is the limited customisation options available. Serviced offices are pre-designed and furnished, and businesses have limited control over the layout and design of their workspace. This can be a disadvantage for businesses with unique branding or operational requirements.

Hidden Costs
Serviced offices often come with a range of additional costs apart from the rent that is only sometimes transparent upfront, making it one of the major serviced workspace disadvantages. These costs may include maintenance fees, service charges, and extra charges for amenities such as meeting rooms and printing facilities. These hidden costs can add up quickly, making the overall cost of the workspace more expensive than expected.

Lack of Privacy
Serviced offices are often shared workspaces, which means businesses may have less privacy than in a traditional office. This counts among serviced offices disadvantages for companies that require confidentiality, such as legal or financial firms.

Limited Storage Space
Besides other cons of serviced office space stands the limited storage area, which can be a disadvantage for businesses that require large amounts of storage or inventory space. This can be especially challenging for companies that require specific storage solutions, such as temperature-controlled rooms.

Less Control Over IT Infrastructure
Limited control over the IT infrastructure also pertains to serviced offices, cons one should know. This can be a disadvantage for companies that require high-speed internet or specific software. Moreover, it can be challenging to make any necessary changes to the IT infrastructure without the approval of the serviced office provider.

Short-Term Lease Options
While short-term lease options can be an advantage for some businesses, they can also be regarded as one of the biggest disadvantages of serviced office space. Since serviced offices typically offer leases on a monthly or yearly basis, businesses may have to relocate frequently, disrupting operations and affecting productivity.

So, as you see, among the pros and cons of serviced offices, the disadvantages outweigh the convenience of having pre-arranged office space. However, there’s a more reliable solution for your business that can save you time and money — a virtual office.

Why a Virtual Office is Better Than a Serviced Office
When it comes to office space solutions, serviced offices have been a popular choice for growing small businesses. However, with the advancement of technology and the shift towards remote work, the virtual office has emerged as a more modern and advantageous option.

One of the most significant benefits of a virtual office is its cost savings. You may pick and choose the services you require and only pay for what you use. This means no more worrying about rent, utilities, or maintenance fees. Additionally, you may select the perfect work setting, whether it’s at home, at a coworking facility, or on a Bali beach.

Another advantage of virtual offices is that they increase productivity. Without the distractions of a traditional office, employees can focus solely on their work tasks. This leads to higher efficiency and productivity, ultimately benefiting the business as a whole. And, of course, you can rent a virtual office for years, while traditional serviced offices usually offer short-term lease options. Which serves as one of the biggest serviced office space disadvantages for businesses looking for a long-term solution.

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tricky home improvement projects

When it comes to some home improvement projects, there are some you should really just leave to the experts – even if you have some experience doing them, but aren’t licensed or insured. You may think you’re saving yourself a bundle in the short-term, but by attempting some of these house upgrades without the proper qualifications, you could be costing yourself a lot more down the road – not to mention potentially putting yourself (or others) in danger.

Electrical work. The results of trying to do this kind of work can be shocking – literally! Unless it’s something very simple, light changing a fuse or replacing a switch (even the latter could be tricky for some), then you should call on the experts. In fact, the Ontario Electrical Safety Code specifies you must only hire a licensed electrician, and that even a handyman must have an ECRA/ESA license. Remember, bad wiring jobs for new lighting or other purposes can cause a fire – and your home insurance company might not be too pleased to learn you caused it.
Demolition. Sometimes you need to get rid of the old stuff before you can start home improvements – or perhaps you’re looking to create that “open concept” look. Despite how fun it can be to swing a sledgehammer and break things, you don’t know what lurks behind walls – and you might not be sure if you’re dealing with a load-bearing wall. Smashing through old interiors can also potentially release asbestos and other substances that can be harmful to breathe – so leave this to a crew that knows what it’s doing.
Plumbing. Renovation ideas for small homes often involve some kind of plumbing upgrade, whether you’re installing a new toilet or building a new stand-alone shower. However, even if you think you’ve got the hang of piping, you should hire a licensed and insured plumber or you may get soaked – financially and literally.
Replacing Garage Doors. This one might seem a bit strange to some, but the truth is that there are components of a garage door – for example, the springs in a garage door system can cause serious injury – or worse. If you’re thinking of fixing or installing a new garage door (which is a house upgrade that can really boost your property’s curb appeal), hire a company that sells as well as installs them.
Installing roofing. Even if you’re comfortable climbing a tall ladder and walking around on an inclined surface 30-feet in the air, you still should leave roofing to qualified roofers. This is an important home improvement that not only make your home look better, but can protect its contents from water damage – so it needs to be done right. That means using the right tools, the right materials, and having the right knowledge about how to apply both.