Wood Floor Finishes Types

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acidcured swedish finishes among the most durable types of floor finishes extremely high voc content takes about two hours to dry in between coats and takes up to 60 days to fully cure wax this was a common hardwood floor finish of choice before polyurethane finishes were created, which finish is right for your hardwood floors 1 waterbased polyurethane although waterbased polyurethane sometimes looks a little milky in 2 oilbased polyurethane oilbased polyurethane consists of linseed oil synthetic resins 3 moisturecure urethane originally created for use , hardwood floor finishes not all are diyfriendly wax hardwood finish wax is the timetested oldfashioned way to refinish wood floors waterbased polyurethane polyurethanes are todays standard floor finish oilbased polyurethane oilbased polys are the mainstay of floor finishing , surface finishes are filmforming finishes that remain on the surface of the wood to form a protective coating there are several types of surface finishes available waterbased finishes are normally clear very durable and dry quickly oilbased finishes are amber in color and are very durable

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there are dozens of types available but in modern homes you see some more commonly than others in each of these categories you may still need to make additional design choices picking things like specific material in the case of wood or stone floors or choosing colors stains finishes or patterns may still be necessary, the best hardwood floors are made with wood species that are readily available and you guessed it very hard oak flooring maple flooring and cherry flooring are all good choices other species include bamboo which is actually a grass walnut ash and mahogany

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What do you want? Make a wish, write it down, focus on this, believe it! Let the magic happen! here are different types of wood floor finishes currently available oilmodified urethane generally the most common surface finish and is easy to apply it is a petroleum base with a blend of synthetic resins plasticizers and other filmforming ingredients that produce a durable surface that is moistureresistant, the four surface finishes are oilbased urethane the most common surface finish oilbased urethane is applied in two or three coats and is available in gloss semigloss and satin sheens the downside to this type of finish is the drying time up to 8 hours for each coat you will also need adequate ventilation, durable natural and renewable hardwood flooring is available in a variety of colors and grain patterns to suit your individual design and lifestyle needs five hardwood species oak walnut, arguably the most popular surface finish for hardwood flooring waterbased polyurethane provides a clear finish and has the traditional hardwood look and feel traditionally this smooth lustrous finish gives solid and engineered hardwood floors the signature wet look achieved by using multiple coats of highgloss polyurethane however waterbased polyurethane finishes also come in satin and semigloss

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